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Charis Wines
  • Taylin Red

    [Sweet] 6.5%RS 11.7%ABV

    A special combination of wild field berries blended with the delicious, big red Shiraz to create a wonderfully fruity treat.

  • Triple Berry

    [Sweet Fruit] 8%RS 13.5%ABV Out of Stock!

    A fruit blend of 40% Blackberry, 30% Black Raspberry, 30% Blueberry makes for a notable berry aroma on the nose and provides bold berry flavors on the finish. Add to this 30% blend of grape providing improved body and shelf life. Even though a sweet wine, it remains light and crisp with a great finish!  13.5% ABV.

  • Sweet Dreams

    [Sweet] 10%RS 12.5%ABV

    Moscato produces a very tasty sweet wine that often has peach and juicy tropical fruit flavors . Best served chilled or over frozen fruit. There's lots to love about Sweet Dreams Moscato.

  • Pinot Noir

    [Red] .5%RS 12.5%ABV

  • Trinity Red

    [Dry Red] .2%RS 13%ABV

    An ideal blending of three of three very popular grape varietials - Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. These three grapes come together to make a perfectly balanced, well-structured dry red wine.  Notes of Cherry adn coffee complement the smoky, herbal flavors and hints of vanilla that round out this medium bodied wine.

  • C-O Chocolate Orange

    [Dessert Wine] 7%RS 16.5%ABV

    C-O {Chocolate Orange} is an intensely flavored Port-style dessert wine that is full-bodied and rich, with complex aromas of bittersweet dark chocolate and ripe orange and marmalade flavors. Excellent sipped with nuts and cheese, or drizzled over vanilla ice cream for a completely decadent after-dinner treat. C-O will age for several years, evolving and showing complex layers of flavor over time.

Crazy Monkey Wines
  • Sunset

    [Semi-Sweet] 2%RS 12.5%ABV

    This Chardonnay is a smooth semi-sweet with fruity flavors like apple, tangerine, peach, and apricot. This wine goes best with poultry or seafood, like lobster or scallops. It can even go well with a light red meat dish. Good cheeses for Chardonnay include Gruyere, Provolone, and Brie. Chardonnay should be served chilled.

  • Just Teasin

    [Sweet] 6.5%RS 12.5%ABV

    The medium pink White Merlot lays the groundwork and the natural strawberry flavor weaves in a pleasant sweetness for a wonderful and delicious sensation. Just Teasin Blush offers a combination of aroma and taste reflecting the people and culture of the tri-state area where Charis winery is located. Enjoy chilled or over ice or even at room temp.

Wines From the Garden
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