2017 A Very Big Year!

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05-24-2017 08:13 / Chuck

2017 an Explosivly BIG Year!

This year is quickly developing into the year of growth and expansion for Charis Winery. During 2017 we have or will see the following areas of growth for this business.

First, Charis Winery has signed a distribution agreement with Republic National Distributing Company, located in Jessup MD. RNDC will begin distributing our wines across the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia to liquor stores, wine shops, bars-taverns and restaurants. If you have a favorite location that you would like to be able to purchase Charis Wine let them know to order it through RNDC! We will be adding a new page to our new website that will list the locations around Maryland where you can find Charis Wine.

Second, We have launched our new and improved website! A key feature is the ability for our customers to now order wine online and have it shipped directly to their home! Along with developing our Direct to Customer shipping we began offering FREE shipping on the order of 4 or more bottles per order. You can go to our new website, click on wines and at the top of the page you will find all the states listed where Charis wine can be shipped directly to your home! As you scroll down the page you can review our wines and add either bottles or cases to your order. When you click on the shopping cart it takes you to the vinoshipper secure website for payment processing and shipping info.

We have already applied for and received the PA-DTC shipping permit, allowing Charis Winery to ship wine directly to customers in PA. We are adding additional state permits as quickly as possible. CA should be moving from “Special Processing” to standard shipping process as soon as we receive our CA-DTC shipping permit!

Customers can also access online ordering on our facebook page by clicking on the WINE tab!

Third, Charis Winery has now received our Federal Basic Distillery Permit. This allows us to make Brandy from grapes and various other fruits. Charis Winery & Distillery may well be the first licensed distillery in Allegany county as we were the first licensed winery in the county when we opened in 2013. We have begun distilling pomace brandy and hope to have a limited release for Christmas 2017!

Keep checking our website for when we add the Brandy page!

As stated at the beginning, 2017 is an explosive year for Charis Winery & Distillery!

Keep checking back to see what happens next...

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